mardi 30 novembre 2010

FAUCHON, the best tea time in PAris

FAUCHON, the kingdom of dessert. Every tourist must have been there once during the day in PAris. FAUCHON is specialized in Fine Food & Wine. The word “Delicatessen” would be more suitable as wine sector has just developing since years. The most famous products of the maison are the fine chocolate, dessert, tea & coffee.

FAUCHON has been innovated within these years. From traditional French luxury food store to a modern luxury French food brand. The comapny has been working hard on the image & “brand” after the company is taken over by Michel Ducros. Since, the label of “FAUCHON” becomes the soul of the products, the image of the company.

“Pink, chic, young” can conclude the first impression of the new FAUCHON. Compare to the old time, FAUCHON adopts the style of new generation- Symbol of Chic. Except Delicatessen shopping in FAUCHON, the restaurant in the upper floor & the bar in the basement should not be missed out.

Despite the fact that "savoir-faire" brings FAUCHON to be a huge success under Michel Ducros, the ''FAUCHON'' image is too much flooded compare to the laterest years. ''Hard Sell'' may not be the preferable strategy of luxury brand, especially of French product. Sometime discert may help giving the value...

For more information:

24-26 Place de la Madeleine

jeudi 11 novembre 2010

Crazy Piano @ Holland VS Ned Kelly @ Hong Kong

A popular bar you should not miss out once you are there- Crazy Piano. There is an other one in the otherside of the world in MIAMI. Any songs from clubs are mostly often played randomly by the live band. You can also bid your own song, no matter from which generation.

Live band may not be everybody’s favorite but good player always brings good party, like good cook can always make your hateful dish become delicious. In Crazy Piano, you will enjoy the live music, some wine, beers, cocktails… also watching the show time on the stage. Crazy Shot & Crazy Night!

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A night out @ Scheveningen. Scheveningen is one of the popular Dutch holiday spot just right next to the beach. It was also a royal holiday hot spot in the 30s. Nowadays, restaurants, casino, 5 star hotel and residents are surrounded to the beautiful castle along the beach.

Strandweg 21-29


Hot spot similar @ Hong Kong- Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly brings you the similar GELUK (happiness in Dutch) as Crazy Piano but more like after work enjoying the jazz live band, of course, no pop music as Crazy Piano.

Ned Kelly has many years history since the British came to Hong Kong. Most of the people who go there are nearly from the same generation but still, their live band plays very good music which feeds to everybody’s taste.

In short, Ned Kelly is a very enjoyable place with happy jazz live music, some beers & snacks. (Fish & Chips are highly recommended!) People who want to be drunk & celebrate their birthday should come to the Ned as they will offer you a Crazy Shot as Crazy Piano do!

For more information

11A Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsiu,
Hong Kong

samedi 6 novembre 2010


Very cold -20degree inside, having a shot, a shot & a real shot of Vodka! This is the meaning to be in an ice bar. Very cool & very cold. Nothing you will envy the most is a drink to warm your body when you are there! Really reasonable price of 20euros to have 20 minutes in the ice bar & 3 shots! First 2 cocktails are not bad, red fruit & orange favorite but the last pure vodka could bring you a happy night! At least, a good start!

Actually, ICE ROOM doesn’t only provide you “happy shots” @ ice bar but also a restaurant of seafood. Quite new idea about the food, some fusion I can say. Except the best deal of the menu with 24,90euros, you will also have many choices “à la carte” like lamp, steak, grilled fish… Desserts are excellent as I have tried my friend’s tiramisu and my own chocolate cake. Reserve the table around 21h30, it will be probably the best ambiance in ICE ROOM if you like music.

The “warm section” in ICE ROOM is quite cool & modern, it fits many young people to have party. People are chill & willing to talk.

For more information:

Hangar 19 – quai de Bacalan
33000 Bordeaux
Tél : 05 57 00 10 15

mercredi 3 novembre 2010

Try your first glass of “LUXURY WINE” @ Max Bordeaux

Instead of seeing clouds from the sky, Max Bordeaux turns the clouds into those wine glasses. This is the first way to understand why Max Bordeaux called itself Wine Gallery. A really fresh way to present our historical and treasured wine from Bordeaux.

Some Mouton Rothschild, Cheval Blanc, Margaux… are easily to be found here and also welcomed to TASTE on spot. The function of the Gallery is simple: buy your card with any amount of credit to have your tasting. Different ml (25ml 50ml 75ml) which cost you from 2euors to 30euros per 25ml for example.

Of course, the best will goes for the higher price up to 90euros a glass. I would totally recommend starting from the right from the river to the left. Then, end by the tops.

In short, many imaginations & appreciations in Max Bordeaux, excellent concept to promote treasured Bordeaux wines.

For more information:

14 Cours de l'Intendance
33000 Bordeaux
05 57 29 23 81


dimanche 24 octobre 2010

La Cave à Part The Bar Next Door so frenchy

Good to be back in France & in Bordeaux again. Also, good to see friends around again! It has been a long time since few months back to Hong Kong! No surprise! Things changed! Changed to be better, to be attractive! Yes, I am talking about La Cave à Part, the Bar Next Door! It got new face now, Congradulation!

La Cave à Part continues its unique identity- an extraordinary wine bar that you can ever find in Bordeaux. "Discovery" is the most suitable verb for La Cave à Part, here you can discover different wines from different regions of France, of course, some wine "très modest" (not popular in the market) but with good quality could be easily found here.

Let's join sometimes @ thursday or weekend by night @ La Cave à Part, good food, good wine & good humur, very convivial!