samedi 6 novembre 2010


Very cold -20degree inside, having a shot, a shot & a real shot of Vodka! This is the meaning to be in an ice bar. Very cool & very cold. Nothing you will envy the most is a drink to warm your body when you are there! Really reasonable price of 20euros to have 20 minutes in the ice bar & 3 shots! First 2 cocktails are not bad, red fruit & orange favorite but the last pure vodka could bring you a happy night! At least, a good start!

Actually, ICE ROOM doesn’t only provide you “happy shots” @ ice bar but also a restaurant of seafood. Quite new idea about the food, some fusion I can say. Except the best deal of the menu with 24,90euros, you will also have many choices “à la carte” like lamp, steak, grilled fish… Desserts are excellent as I have tried my friend’s tiramisu and my own chocolate cake. Reserve the table around 21h30, it will be probably the best ambiance in ICE ROOM if you like music.

The “warm section” in ICE ROOM is quite cool & modern, it fits many young people to have party. People are chill & willing to talk.

For more information:

Hangar 19 – quai de Bacalan
33000 Bordeaux
Tél : 05 57 00 10 15

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