jeudi 11 novembre 2010

Crazy Piano @ Holland VS Ned Kelly @ Hong Kong

A popular bar you should not miss out once you are there- Crazy Piano. There is an other one in the otherside of the world in MIAMI. Any songs from clubs are mostly often played randomly by the live band. You can also bid your own song, no matter from which generation.

Live band may not be everybody’s favorite but good player always brings good party, like good cook can always make your hateful dish become delicious. In Crazy Piano, you will enjoy the live music, some wine, beers, cocktails… also watching the show time on the stage. Crazy Shot & Crazy Night!

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A night out @ Scheveningen. Scheveningen is one of the popular Dutch holiday spot just right next to the beach. It was also a royal holiday hot spot in the 30s. Nowadays, restaurants, casino, 5 star hotel and residents are surrounded to the beautiful castle along the beach.

Strandweg 21-29


Hot spot similar @ Hong Kong- Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly brings you the similar GELUK (happiness in Dutch) as Crazy Piano but more like after work enjoying the jazz live band, of course, no pop music as Crazy Piano.

Ned Kelly has many years history since the British came to Hong Kong. Most of the people who go there are nearly from the same generation but still, their live band plays very good music which feeds to everybody’s taste.

In short, Ned Kelly is a very enjoyable place with happy jazz live music, some beers & snacks. (Fish & Chips are highly recommended!) People who want to be drunk & celebrate their birthday should come to the Ned as they will offer you a Crazy Shot as Crazy Piano do!

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11A Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsiu,
Hong Kong

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